What is the show about? 

Our own unique review of the week's Manchester United games. We also have regular features diving into different aspects of the club and football in general. Gossip, transfer rumours and banter.

The format of the show is moulded by our audience. We regularly take feedback and adapt the show to better serve our audience.

How did it come to be?

We have a football radio show called Final Whistle on a local community radio station but fed up with the lack of full ownership of the produced content we set out to create something new. Something bigger and better.

Who is involved in the show?

Zain KhanA self confessed armchair Manchester United fan and a face for radio mean Zain is the man at the helm of the show.

Muj - A diehard Manchester United fan. Bringing balance to the show and in depth technical knowledge of the game and utd history.

Mitul - The asian danny dier, bringing frivolity and emotion. A man who takes a no nonsense approach to supporting utd, oft asking for the squad to be lined up and shot by firing squad for an inept performance.